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Faculty of Humanities
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15 December 2021: online lecture: Aeons, Fullnesses, and Lesser Gods

Inaugural talk by Dylan Burns and Gerorge Karamanolis:
Aeons, Fullnesses, and Lesser Gods

In the new webinar: Les Platonismes de l’Antiquité tardive: interactions philosophiques et religieuses (Platonisms of Late Antiquity: Philosophical and Religious Interactions)!

The online inaugural talk will take place on wednesday 15 December at 18:15: “Aeons, Fullnesses, and Lesser Gods,” delivered by Dr. Dylan Burns (Universiteit van Amsterdam) and Prof. Dr. George Karamanolis (Universität Wien). (see poster.)

The webinar is organized by Luciana Gabriela Soares Santoprete, Anna van den Kerchove, George Karamanolis, Éric Crégheur, and Dylan Burns.

The talk will take place at 18:15 on Wednesday, 15 December. It will be held online. To register to receive the zoom link for the session, please contact lesplatonismes@gmail.com.

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