Resilient religion

Resilience can be considered as the ability to counteract or absorb a process of transformation. It is also characterized by a capacity to endure changes without having to adapt permanently, an ability to find what best suits new environmental conditions; and an awareness of how to cope with a crisis. In this sense, religion – whether in its institutionalized forms or just as a simple belief in any relationship with a super-human agency – represents a powerful tool for reacting to difficult situations and establishing a relationship with the sacred thanks to the interaction between spirituality, mindfulness, empathy and the emotions.

Marco Pasi (HHP centre) will present a panel together with Henrik Bogdan with the title “Resilient Esotericism”.

Anyone proposing to arrange a session, or to give a communication, or to present a poster must submit a title and abstract through the website by 31st January 2021.

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