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Faculty of Humanities
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29 July 2021: online lecture Peter Forshaw

Early Alchemical Image Sequences and the Golden Age of Emblematic Alchemy

On 29 July, between 1 PM and 2 PM, Peter Forshaw, Associate Professor at HHP, will give a lecture in the Summer School Program of The Allard Pierson.

Tickets: € 5,-

One of the best-known Rosicrucian publications is the Chymische Hochzeit or Chemical Wedding, published in 1616. On its cover it bears the words, “Arcana publicata vilescunt” (Mysteries made Public become Worthless), which seems a rather paradoxical statement on a book available for purchase by anyone with sufficient funds. Once the optimistic owner looked inside the book, however, and engaged with the highly symbolic language of the story, perhaps they understood that even when published, some works still retained their air of enigma and mystery.

More information and how to get tickets.

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