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Cancelled: 22nd Quinquennial World Congress of the IAHR: Centres and Peripheries

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We are sad to have to announce that, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this conference has been cancelled.

Marco Pasi, Mriganka Mukhopadhyay and Henrik Bodan will be presenting a panel: “Esotericism in a global context: centres, margins, and everything in between” at the 22nd Quinquennial World Congress of the IAHR at the University of Otago, that the New Zealand Association for the Study of Religions is organizing. The theme of the congress is Centres and Peripheries. New Zealand is both central and peripheral to the study of religion: further East than Japan, further south than almost anywhere, New Zealand’s small size and geographical isolation have meant the people of New Zealand have always looked outwards, whether to Hawaiki or to the intellectual centres and tradition of Europe.

From its earliest moments, the academic study of religion has consistently placed certain traditions, peoples, geographies, concepts, and institutions at the centre of its analyses, while at the same time relegating others to the periphery. The 2020 Congress invites scholars to reflect on these dynamics, to historicize and critique them, and to reconsider how, why and with what effects scholars of religion have engaged in acts of normalization and marginalization. The setting of New Zealand, distant from the historical centres of religious studies in North America and Europe, provides a fitting location for this examination as well as for considerations of other related dynamics. These include patterns of dominance and subjugation, transformation and repositioning and, especially, migration and indigeneity. While we welcome interdisciplinary, multi-method and comparative research, scholars have been asked to submit within one of seven themed areas.

The call for papers is closed.