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8 July 2021 Guest Lecture: Joel Bordeaux

Taking the Left Hand Path to Tibet: Traditionalism, Tantric Buddhism, and the Question of Conversion in a Post Satanist Milieu Join us for a livestream lecture featuring Dr. Joel Bordeaux, research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies at Leiden University. This is a hybrid event partially taking place on site in Amsterdam organized…

17-18 June online: Jung Graduate Symposium

On 17- 18 June 2021 an online symposium is created by and for graduate students researching all things Jungian, and who are looking to expand their academic network, gain experience and meet potential PhD supervisors. Image on homepage: Artwork by Carl Jung One of the organisers is Ninian Nijhuis, RMA student at the HHP Centre;…

Deadline Application Master’s Programme: 15 May!

Tthe HHP Centre is part of the University of Amsterdam. The Master’s Programme we offer is called SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGION, and the application deadline is approaching. The Master’s programme includes a set of core courses and a number of elective courses. The core courses and the selected elective courses lead to a specific, coherent area…

Reading Group: Occult Sciences and Esoteric Traditions

This reading group is held at the Warburg Institute. In this class texts written in Arabic or Latin (especially texts which were translated from Arabic into Latin) on all branches of the occult sciences and esoteric traditions are read, translated and commented on; talismans and ceremonial magic, divination, alchemy, astrology, science of letters etc. A…

Visit our Master’s Open Day 18 February!

Looking for the next step after your Bachelor’s? Come to the next UvA Master’s Day and discover our interesting Master’s Programmes! On 18 February the Faculty of Humanities will present all the Master’s programmes and Research Master’s programmes during the Master’s Open Day. The programmes of History of Hermetic Philosophy are part of Religious Studies….

Lecture: Victorian Occult Enlightenment

Mabel Collins, H.P. Blavatsky, and the Luciferian Public Sphere                           Dr. Christine Ferguson University of Glasgow Thursday, March 19th at 17:00 Bungehuis 0.04 Spuistraat 210 The abstract can be downloaded here

Why study esotericism in Amsterdam

Why study Western esotericism at HHP in Amsterdam? If you are pondering this question, we’ll give you three good reasons: A unique study program. If you want solid academic knowledge on Western esotericism, there is simply  no other program like it. You will study with some of the top experts in the world, the best…