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Faculty of Humanities
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29 September – 1 October: ENSIE 3: 2021 Meeting “Islam and Esotericism”

Between 29 September-1 October ENSIE 3, the  2021 Meeting of The European Network for the Study of Islam and Esotericism (ENSIE) “Islam and Esotericism: Societies, Politics, and Practice” will be held on Zoom.
ENSIE invites proposals for the meeting; especially proposals from sociologists and anthropologists, as well as other scholars. The chronological scope stretches from medieval to contemporary times.
Papers that engage with these aims, but -as usual- proposals relating to Islam and Esotericism that do not relate to the meeting theme are also welcome.

Go to ENSIE 3 for more information.

(The image is from Kitāb al-Bulhān, Bodleian Or. 133, fol. 29r.)

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