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First congress in Mexico of Studies on western Esotericism in Latin America: From the Viceroyalty to the 20th Century

The Institute of Philological Research of the UNAM within the framework of the Project “Esotericism in modern Mexico (1850-1950): subjects, currents, cultural field” is organizing the conference “From the Vice royalty to the 20th Century”, the first congress in Mexico of studies on Western esoterism in Latin America.
The conference will take place from 19 to 21 September 2023 at the facilities of the Philological Research Institute (UNAM) in Mexico City and will be in hybrid mode.

The project “Esotericism in modern Mexico (1850-1950)” seeks to publicize the field of studies on Western esotericism to the academic milieu, developed up to now in Europe and the United States, and in the process of consolidation in Latin America. Due to its multidisciplinary scope, esoteric studies are relevant to enrich our analysis and understanding of the development of Latin American culture.
The objective of this congress is to create a space for dialogue for researchers and teachers interested in exploring the theoretical, methodological and topics specific to this field.

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