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How to enroll as a student at HHP

Applying for our programmes

The HHP Centre is fully integrated in the University of Amsterdam’s educational system. This means that in order to enroll in our teaching programmes you have to go through the normal channels of the UvA’s Faculty of Humanities. Please note: BA programmes are handled by the College of Humanities, while MA programmes are handled by the Graduate School of Humanities. Questions about how to apply should always be addressed to the appropriate office.

Please note: our secretary and academic staff cannot help you with details about the application process—you must go through the official channels.

BA programme

Our BA courses are taught as part of the BA programme Religiewetenschappen. For information about the programme, as well as about how to apply, when to apply, and whom to contact, see:

MA programme

Our MA programme exists in a one-year and a two-year variety. The one-year variety is listed in the course catalog as “Spirituality and Religion (Theology and Religious Studies)”. The two-year option is “Religious Studies (Theology & Religious Studies (research))”.

Please note: despite the official title we do not teach theology. This misleading label has been forced upon all Dutch programmes in Religious Studies for political/bureaucratic reasons). For all practical details about the application procedure, see the Graduate School of Humanities website.

For your convenience, we have assembled the links that you will need to find the right information, as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


The HHP Centre is currently the only institute in the world to offer a complete academic specialism in the study of esotericism, from the BA to the PhD level. Taught by leading specialists in the field, our study programme offers a unique opportunity for students to be at the vanguard of a new and exciting development in the study of religion and culture. Learn more about our unique programme in the study of esotericism.

Studying at HHP

Find more information about our comprehensive study programs in esotericism from the BA to the PhD level at the HHP Centre.

Student community

Amsterdam is known for its vibrant student life, and the HHP Centre is situated right at the heart of it. Our students do not sit and wait for things to happen, instead they go out and create their own opportunities.