Faculty of Humanities
University of Amsterdam

The HHP centre will be organising its second lecture of the year on November 7th at 17:20 in the UB Singel Doelenzaal. Dr. Manon Hedenborg White will expound upon her research into the life and art of Marjorie Cameron.

Artist Marjorie Cameron (1922–1995) has mainly been acknowledged in esoteric historiography as a participant in the 1946 “Babalon Working”, led by her lover, autodidact rocket scientist and magus John “Jack” Whiteside Parsons. As this lecture will show, however, Cameron was a dedicated student of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema who developed her own enchanted worldview based on creative and erudite juxtapositions of Crowley’s thought with that of, among others, Joseph Campbell as well as themes and motifs drawn from weird and horror fiction. This lecture will focus on the intersection of art, poetry, and esotericism in Cameron’s work, taking a look at her largely unpublished works of illustrated poetry and discussing her legacy as one of the great esoteric women pioneers of the 20th century.

Dr. Manon Hedenborg White is Associate Professor in the History of Religions at Malmö University (Sweden). Between 2018–2021, she spent time as a guest researcher at the HHP centre. For more information about Dr. Hedenborg White view this link.

Image: Art from Marjorie Cameron