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Lecture: “The Miracle of Miracles”: Swedenborg on Miraculous Powers, Hidden Sainthood, and Miraculous Transformation – 30 November 2023

The HHP Student Association is announcing the HHP Student Association’s first lecture of the year, presented by Dr. Vincent Roy-Di Piazza, guest researcher at the HHP centre, on 30 November 2023, in the University Library of the UvA, Belle van Zuylenzaal.

In 1744-45, the Swedish parliamentarian, assessor of mines, and philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) recorded a process of spiritual transformation and bodily enhancement which cemented his religious calling. In the following decades, Swedenborg claimed he had acquired a series of miraculous powers and abilities, such as ‘increased eyesight’, the ability to look ‘handsome like an angel’ and withhold his breath for hours; see things hundreds of kilometres away, dissociate his soul from his body, predict future events in the spiritual world, and last but not least, converse with the spirits of the dead, demons, angels, and God.

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