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On these pages we collect online lectures related to esotericism, as well as RSS feeds of relevant podcasts. Please note that these are not the property of HHP, and do not necessarily represent the work that we do. We supply links to the relevant organizations and institutes of each lecture series and podcast when available. Please have a look around! Know of an academic lecture or podcast on esotericism that is not featured here? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will consider putting it on the website.


Stargates: The Magic of Images from Heka to the Monas Hieroglyphica

Stargates is a lecture series dedicated to the material aspects of making magical images organized by the Warburg Institute. It is dedicated to the material aspects of making magical images, including the arsenal of objects and media which allow the maker to manipulate the flow of stellar influences.

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The Secret History of Western Esotericism


The SHWEP is a free, (roughly) weekly podcast series exploring cutting-edge academic research in the study of Platonism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, the Kabbalah, alchemy, occultism, magic, and related currents of thought. These traditions, although largely rejected by the dominant modern empiricist world-view, are central to the history of western thought. The academic study of these often-obscure chapters in the history of ideas, under the general name of ‘western esotericism’, is bringing these currents of thought back into their rightful place as essential elements in the intellectual heritage of the western world.

This podcast documents the academic exploration of the neglected corners of western culture. The approach is roughly chronological, beginning with the earliest civilisations and moving forward in time until the present day, with the aim of leaving out nothing essential along the way. It will be a long and fascinating trip through the history of ideas, and one which is bound to challenge what you think you know about philosophy, science, religion, and western identities.

To be notified when a new episode is posted, go to www.shwep.net, scroll down to ‘subscribe by email’ and click on the button ‘sign up’.

Wouter Hanegraaff on Western Esotericism


Rejected Religion Podcast

This platform acts as a bridge, with the goal to bring the academic sphere and the mainstream public closer together by offering monthly podcast interviews, YouTube videos, blog posts, book reviews, plus a wide array of information that focuses on the ways that ‘the esoteric’ is found within popular culture. Rejected Religion’s motto is “illuminating the obscure” — striving to provide a historical viewpoint that aims to share information and to highlight misconceptions surrounding all things ‘esoteric’ or ‘occult’ in an engaging and entertaining way, by providing down-to-earth discussions about topics that are often vague and therefore misunderstood.

Additionally, Rejected Religion is proud to work in collaboration with the Centre for History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents. Their goal is to promote the activities of the Centre by providing interviews from scholars, but also to spread awareness and education through events such as conferences, workshops, symposiums, and lectures.

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History of Alchemy 

The podcast of the History of Alchemy website.