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Faculty of Humanities
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Why study esotericism in Amsterdam

Why study Western esotericism at HHP in Amsterdam? If you are pondering this question, we’ll give you three good reasons:

  • A unique study program. If you want solid academic knowledge on Western esotericism, there is simply  no other program like it. You will study with some of the top experts in the world, the best libraries will be in your own neighborhood, and you will get connected with the forefront of the field through the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism’s (ESSWE) strong presence in the city.
  • A unique city. Amsterdam is an experience in itself. The inner city is a UNESCO protected World Heritage site, and by some miracle this is combined with a sprawling life of cafés, restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops of all kinds. The University of Amsterdam takes the inner city as its campus, and students are an essential part of the vitality of the city – day and night. Amsterdam is also a particularly good place for studying esotericism, due to the presence of rare collections and libraries, and a rich cultural scene of museums, archives, and events.
  • A unique student community. We have an international, talented and very active student community associated with HHP’s esotericism program. On the social scene there is aways something going on, and on top of that, our students have been very successful at creating their own fully fledged academic events while still finishing their graduate studies.

Sounds interesting? Please look around at the website to explore student opportunities at HHP in detail.

Want to know who your professors and lecturers might be? Read about the staff here.

Curious about what these lecturers do when not teaching classes? Find out more about their ongoing research projects, and follow their activities in social media.

Not sure what esotericism is about?  Check out our section “What is esotericism”, and discover the introductory literature. If this catches your interest, you may also want to check out the wealth of freely available online material featured through our webportal.

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