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Faculty of Humanities
University of Amsterdam

Winter School
Visions of the Occult: Introduction to (Western) Esotericism

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Winter School: Visions of the Occult: Introduction to (Western) esotericism

The goal of this online course is to offer an introductory overview of the study of esotericism as a discipline both historically and in the present. In this two-week winter course, we will investigate the key thematic aspects of Western esotericism, as they have manifested themselves historically within currents such as Hermeticism, gnosticism, astrology, alchemy, magic, to name but a few. This program is offered in cooperation with the Centre for the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents, the foremost academic institution for the study of Western esotericism, located at the University of Amsterdam.

Monday 15 January – Friday 26 January 2024
Deadline: Sunday 10 December 2023 is the final date to apply.

The study of esotericism is a broad and many-faceted field. In the past it has been described as “othered knowledge”, and esotericism has often been treated as a fringe pseudo-science, or at best, forgotten or obsolete knowledge. However, in recent years, there has been a steadily growing movement within the academy to study esotericism in its many expressions within a scholarly framework.

In the summer of 2023-2024 HHP plans to offer a on site Summer  School “Arcane Worlds: New Frontiers in the Study of Esotericism”. Keep an eye on this page and the buttons below.

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