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Faculty of Humanities
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Lecture by Mriganka Mukhopadhyay: Theosophy and Buddhism in South Asia, 14 november

On 14 November 2022 Mriganka Mukhopadhyay will give a lecture in the series Current Issues, in the Bushuis at the UvA. Mriganka will focus on the interconnected networks between the Theosophical Society and Buddhism in South Asia from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century in colonial India. He will discuss Buddhism’s early reception in Bengal, Tibet’s significance in the Theosophical movement, the important South Asian and Western actors involved in the Theosophical-Buddhist networks, and the growth of the Buddhist organisations in Bengal that allied with the TS. As part of the speaker’s doctoral dissertation, this work theoretically situates itself within the global history of religion and critically examines the non-Western agency in the Theosophical movement.

Mriganka Mukhopadhyay, MA, MPhil, is a PhD candidate at the HHP Centre, University of Amsterdam. For more information about his research, view this link.

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