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Faculty of Humanities
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Student Conference 26-27 July now a hybrid event: Esotericism and the Varieties of Transformation

The student conference is scheduled for 26-27 July 2021, and is now a hybrid event!

This two-day student conference is being held to explore the idea of ‘transformation’ in the history of esotericism. The theme of ‘transformation’ manifests in many domains and on many levels – whether we think about ideas/practices of individual deification, alchemical transmutation, or global consciousness change in New Age schemas, ‘transformation’ appears an almost unavoidable concept within the field. While not exclusive to esotericism (e.g. ‘transubstantiation’ in the Eucharist), this idea does seem to occupy a privileged space specifically in esoteric belief systems and practices. Is this coincidental? Or are ‘transformative’ themes symptomatic of larger patterns intrinsic to esotericism? Hopefully such questions will be investigated during the conference, as well as particular manifestations of this theme in the history of esotericism. A rich variety of presentations is planned, with topics on nuclear science and alchemy, early modern Portugese messianism, Medusean metamorphoses, and much more.

Keynote lecture by Dr. J. Christian Greer.
Presentations will be delivered on-site as well as online, live-streamed from The Embassy of the Free Mind in Amsterdam.

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