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André Breton’s last major work: L’Art magique translated in English

In October this year, FULGUR PRESS will be publishing the first English translation of André Breton’s last major work: L’Art magique. Written between 1953–1957, Magic Art is a surrealist history of art, tracing a magical thread that runs from prehistoric cave paintings to the experiments of the Surrealists in the 1930s.

In celebration of the centenary of Surrealism, FULGUR are re-enacting Breton’s 1955 Enquiry that aimed to explore contemporary opinions of the nature of ‘magic art’. They are therefore inviting professional contributions from a range of disciplines approached by Breton in 1955. The aim is to examine contemporary perspectives: to understand how knowledge has developed over the last seventy years, and to encourage debate.

Full details may be found here: www.lartmagique.com.

We would encourage you to share news of this endeavour through your professional networks.

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