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International Congress: Western Esoteriscim in and from Latin America

From 9 – 11 August 2021 the Center for the Study of Western Esotericism of the Union of South American Nations (Centro de Estudios sobre el Esoterismo Occidental -CEEO-UNASUR) organizes an online international congress: Western Esoteriscim in and from Latin America.

In august 2011, the Center for the Study of Western Esotericism of the Union of South American Nations (CEEO-UNASUR) was created in order to study the practices, representations and agents of western esotericism understood as a historic­ cultural phenomenon. Since its foundation, the CEEO-UNASUR has gathered researchers and experts on western esotericism to improve its analysis among the Latin-American   academic field.
In this way, the CEEO-UNASUR wants to celebrate its first decade with the I International Conf erence, Western Esotericism in and from Latin America, to be held on 9, 10 en 11 August 2021 . The objectives are: 1) gather together the experts that participated in the development of CEEO-UNASUR; 2) bring up to date the research done by CEEO-UNASUR members; 3) discuss the main difficulties for the study of esotericism in the region and the applicability in Latin­ am e ri ca of the concep ts and methodological perspectives proposed in the field; 4) enter in dialogue with researchers outside of this field who deal with the same topic using up-to-date perspectives in the human sciences.


  • Analyze the current state of the study of Western Esotericism in Latin America and its contributions to this field of knowledge.
  • Share    the    theoretical    and m ethodologi cal cont ri bution s and research results of Latin American experts, considering western esotericism from the perspective of di ff erent disciplines (Anthropology, Political Science, Philology, History, Musicology, Social and Humans Sciences).
  • Promote the work of Latin-american experts working on Western Esotericism and consolidate a network for its teaching and researching.

Keynote speakers: PhD. Otavio Santana, Mtro. Mariano Villaba, PhD. Guadlupe Antonia Domínquez Márquez, Aljandra G. Galicia Martínez.

Attendees have to register in this link, before July 1st 2021;
to register go to the congress page.

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