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Faculty of Humanities
University of Amsterdam

Deadline Application Master’s Programme: 15 May!

Tthe HHP Centre is part of the University of Amsterdam.The Master’s Programme we offer is called SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGION, and the application deadline is approaching.

The Master’s programme includes a set of core courses and a number of elective courses. The core courses and the selected elective courses lead to a specific, coherent area of specialisation. The programme offers three areas of specialisation: 1) Spirituality and Esotericism in Western Culture; 2) Religion and Spirituality in Contemporary Societies; and 3) Spirituality and Religion in Islam.

Image: “Virgo” by Johfra Bosschart

Application deadline for NL/EU students: MAY 15, 2021

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Studying at HHP

A complete study program in Western esotericism.

The HHP Centre is fully integrated in the University of Amsterdam’s educational system.